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* Conditions for membership:

 – Representatives participating: Business owner, Director, Deputy Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Market Development Director.

 – Scale: Super small, small and medium.

Step 1: Enterprises fill in information

 – Fill in registration information according to the form. Click here

 – Business registration certificate.

 – Appointment decision.

 – Representative image (full body shot).

Step 2: BusinessPro Global reviews applications

 – BusinessPro Global (GMD - Global Membership Department) appraises documents (from BMatching application).

 - The Board of Directors of Chapter/BusinessPro Global appraises the business.

Step 3: Businesses pay membership fees

 – Enterprises pay fees to GMD.

 * Payment method: Bank transfer to BusinessPro Global Co., Ltd.

Step 4: BusinessPro Global informs and trains

 – GMD official membership announcement.

 – Training: Member Training Program (MTP). Program for new members joining for the first time.